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Who wouldn’t want a custom wet bar addition to their home?  As with all of our custom cabinetry we will use care and precision to build a beautiful and functional wet bar addition in your home. Bars add a special touch along with a different spin to your custom cabinetry, allowing you to have beverages easily available at your fingertips. Wet bar cabinetry will create a space for you to entertain family and guests and display and store your favorite liqueur’s, wine bottles, and glassware. It is an excellent way to keep your items organized and to give everything a designated place. Designing your wet bar cabinets can be one of the most amusing parts of your custom cabinetry because they always have a sneaky little way of bringing a smile to the face and giving a room that sense of enjoyment and excitement. Matching it with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry or creating a whole new look in a separate room is just one of the many options that adding a wet bar can achieve. Some homeowners like to add wet bar cabinets in their living or dining rooms as well. We have even created wet bars for basement spaces, party rooms and outdoor kitchens. Most homeowners create wet bar cabinets to fit into a space that goes from floor to ceiling so they have a lot of additional storage and custom design options. There are many awesome accessories that can be added such as custom foot rails and brackets, refrigeration, sinks and custom wine storage or built-in racks to complete the overall look and feel of a wet bar. As with all of our cabinetry you may choose from various wood options with custom hand applied finishes or Euro designs for an ultra-modern look. We definitely recommend considering a wet bar to your custom cabinetry design plans. We are certain it will not disappoint.

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